The Middle of the Growing Season

We’re entering the middle of the growing season, with some plants ready for harvest and others waiting to go into the ground. We’ve had a constant supply of salad leaves, radishes, mizuna, land cress, cornsalad, and other treats for some time now. Now the summer is here, we’re looking forward to our main crops. In addition to the staple offerings like potato, onion, and broad beans, we’re waiting for some of the other classic crops to bear fruit for us.

We’ve extended beyond the original planting plan from our last article, adding a couple more no dig beds where we cleared space. We’ve also made more use of interplanting, and added some perennial plants like Taunton Deane kale and some members of the Chenopodium family like fat-hen and Mexican tree spinach. We’ve even managed to cultivate some more exotic plants like galangal, and next year we’ll be attempting ginger.

Our only failure so far has been turnips, which didn’t have a deep enough layer of compost to keep them fed. The end result is that the plants bolted before producing full sized turnips. That wasn’t a dead loss though, as we had quite a lot of meals from the leaves, and the chickens were happy to eat the plants even though the roots were inedible and woody.

It’s probably easier to show some photographic highlights than to explain things in writing, so have a look at the gallery below to see what we’re up to.


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