Keeping a Garden Journal

This time of year is very busy, and planning your growing season is important if you want to make the most of the coming year. Most people have a good idea about what they want to plant where, but few people make notes on how their plan is actually working out.

We’ve created¬†Garden Journal¬†sheet that we can use to keep a record of what we put into the garden, and what we get out. We’re going to record any battles with pests, pruning and other garden maintenance we have to take care of throughout the year. By next December, we should be able to see what worked for us this year and what didn’t, without having to rely on our vague memories of when we planted something.

Keeping track of your gardening year is much easier if you write everything down. We will be using this sheet to keep track of everything from pruning to the weekly weather.

Download our journal sheet here. Journal sheets can be used as a single pages, or printed onto both sides of of a sheet of paper, folded, and stapled into a booklet.


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