Preservation Friday: Eggs

Eggs: Fruit of the chicken.

Every Friday, we will look at preservation techniques that we can use to store food. This week we are looking at eggs. If you keep chickens (or just get stuck with a lot of eggs!) there are plenty of options that you can consider to preserve them.


The most obvious preservation technique is pickling. Shelled hard-boiled eggs pickled in white or malt vinegar will keep for a long time, although the vinegar flavour makes them an acquired taste that not everyone is a fan of.

Water Glass or Mineral Oil

Using Water Glass is an often overlooked alternative to pickling. Water Glass (sometimes called liquid glass or sodium silicate) can be used to immerse fresh eggs, preserving them for several months. Water Glass and silicone oil provide an air tight barrier that prevents bacterial growth in the egg. It is worth pointing out here that Water Glass will effectively seal up the shell of an egg, so you must remember to prick your eggs before you boil them if you want to avoid unexpected explosions!


For some reason, not many people think of freezing eggs to preserve them. Cracking eggs into a large ice cube tray and putting them in the freezer is an extremely simple method of preservation that people just don’t seem to take advantage of.

Preserve by Cooking

A fruitcake pricked with alcohol will keep for months in dry conditions, and if you want to preserve the calorific value of eggs rather than the egg itself, there are plenty of recipes out there that you can take advantage of. If you have a pasta maker, you can make fresh pasta and dry it for future use.



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